Another Upcycle

100_2468Forgive my photography skills. I took a picture of this right after I finished it at the gallery. The pendant is made of 2 unmatched earrings from a harvest lot. Yes, it’s monochromatic, but it sparkles way better in reality than on camera. Someone will like it.


No point apologizing

I went through a time warp. Basically, you can insert all kinds of excuses here. Enough of that, though.

I sold a few more things on Ebay since my last post, but I got rid of a lot of my junk drawer jewelry at the flea market (a dealer bought about half of my stash). Most of what was left I donated to a thrift store. I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore, mainly because what I had left just didn’t seem worthy of resale. I did keep a few pieces, and I received some more pieces from an in-law. I plan to upcycle them into new pieces.

There are two pieces of vintage jewelry that I used in this necklace I made. The pendant was a lone earring. The pearls on the necklace were harvested from a broken vintage pearl necklace. They aren’t real pearls, but they are are higher quality than the glass pearls that you find in big box hobby stores today.

upcycled earring

I was really excited about this necklace because it looked so elegant to me, but alas, the pendant was ruined when the wind knocked the necklace and its display off the table at a craft show I attended. See folks, that’s why it’s important to invest in the heavy duty displays. Lesson learned.

Shame, shame, shame

Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted. All apologies. Now the school year is over, though, and I am free to completely dive in to my business endeavor (well, now endeavors)!

I admit I took a break from junk drawer jewelry. I found this piece by chance when my cousin from Lowery’s Loft gave me some harvested jewelry to pick through.  I thought this  was an interesting pin, so I listed it on ebay for $4.99.

Chicago Roller Skate Company pin

After just a little digging, I found a listing on Etsy that has the original paper backing on it:

A little bit of background from Flickr:

Founded in 1905 by Elisha Clark Ware, and run with the help of his sons. Chicago Roller Skate Company became the largest manufacturer in the roller skating industry through most of the 20th century. – CraigIn Spring

And now the company continues its trek through time… or is it rolling through time? (Ah ha. Yeah, a pun. I couldn’t help it.)

Here’s the song that is stuck in my head (hence this post’s title): Shame, Shame, Shame – Kenny Wayne Shepherd


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